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Pure ink is a painting software in Ink Art. It simulates realistic ink diffusion and water-based coloring effects on paper. It also visualizes Chinese brush strokes. Pure ink is capable of converting digital images in ink painting and this feature gives a quick start to everyone to create professional artworks in an easier way.

Pure ink 中文取名離心一墨,名字含意是以傳統水墨藝術為立足之㸃,承數碼時代之力,以離心之勢拋擲水墨創造的種子,追新拓遠。

Pure ink is developed with intention as a freeware for all art lovers and to assist ink artists for their creative projects in digital media. This project welcomes donation for sustainable development in future. As a freeware, there is no restriction on how this software is used. If you use Pure ink with commercial purpose and make profit, please donate.

Main features:

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        Press and Education

2020.8.6 立場新聞 STANDNEWS
2020.8.13 CGV SPACE 電腦影像創作人發表平台
    香港電腦水墨界又一傑作 ─「離心一墨」
2020.8.19 新城知訊台: 世界隨意門 藝術閒話,葉泳詩、林嵐主持
    第一節 關於黃琮瑜
    第二節 關於Pure ink離心一墨
2020.10.20 於香港教育大學文化與創意藝術學系擔任嘉賓講者,介紹離心一墨
Being invited as guest speaker to introduce Pure ink by the Department of Cultural and Creative Arts, The Education University of Hong Kong.

           Info & Email

The project of Pure ink is developed by Hong Kong artist Chung-yu WONG (黃琮瑜). This project started at 2017 and takes the first launch at 2020. The software was initially built based on an ink diffusion system that WONG applied in his digital art practices since 2007.




Special thanks are given to the following parties and paper which provide technical insights and foundation to the start of this project

  1. Computer Science Department, the Chinese University of Hong Kong
  2. Nelson S.H.Chui, 'Making Digital Painting Organic', HKUST, 2007
  3. '', an open source programmign language initialized by Ben Fry nd Casey Reas since 2001